About 66% of Online Shoppers Purchase Items because of Free Shipping

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When you shop online, the idea of getting free shipping has a big impact on how people decide to buy things. A whopping 66% of online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase when they know they can get free shipping. This info comes from a detailed report by Adobe, showing how important shipping is in the world of online shopping.

The report goes deeper into why people make certain choices when shopping online. Surprisingly, 63% of people leave their online shopping carts without buying anything because they’re worried about how much the shipping will cost. This really highlights how shipping costs can be a major factor in whether people decide to buy something, and businesses need to think carefully about how they handle it.

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Another cool thing about shopping online is that you’re not stuck with store hours. This means you can shop whenever you want, and many shoppers are willing to buy more stuff to qualify for free shipping. So, free shipping becomes a big deal, not just making purchases easier but also encouraging people to buy more.

The impact of offering free shipping is pretty huge for businesses. It’s not just about making one sale; it’s about making more money overall, getting customers to come back and buy again, and even taking customers away from other businesses. The Adobe report shows that businesses that smartly include free shipping in their plans can do really well in attracting and keeping loyal customers.

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