Analysis – Lagos Leads in Voice and Internet Subscribers (Q1 2024 Telecom Data)

Assumpta Udochukwu
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In the first quarter of 2024, Nigeria saw a slight decrease in active voice subscribers. The total number was 219,304,281, down from 226,161,713 in the same period in 2023. This represents a decrease of 3.03% year-over-year. Every quarter, the number of voice subscribers fell by 2.41%.

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Despite the drop in voice subscribers, internet usage continued to grow. The number of active internet subscribers in Q1 2024 was 164,368,292, an increase from 157,551,104 in Q1 2023. This is a year-over-year growth of 4.33%. Every quarter, internet subscriptions grew by 0.32%.

State-by-State Analysis

Voice Subscribers

  • Lagos led the country with the highest number of active voice subscribers, totaling 25,956,074.
  • Ogun followed with 12,672,990 subscribers.
  • Kano was close behind with 11,931,128 subscribers.
  • Bayelsa had the fewest active voice subscribers at 1,608,473.
  • Ebonyi and Ekiti also had low numbers with 1,885,657 and 1,969,568 respectively.
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Internet Subscribers

  • Lagos also topped the list for internet subscribers with 18,841,943.
  • Ogun had the second-highest number with 9,528,795.
  • Kano was third with 9,067,983 internet subscribers.
  • Bayelsa again recorded the fewest internet subscribers at 1,201,601.
  • Ebonyi and Ekiti followed with 1,401,626 and 1,545,729 respectively.
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Market Share

MTN remained the leading telecom provider regarding the number of subscriptions in Q1 2024, continuing its dominance in the Nigerian market.

The data highlights the ongoing trends in Nigeria’s telecom industry, showcasing significant regional voice and internet usage differences. While overall voice subscriptions have slightly declined, internet usage continues to rise, reflecting the growing importance of digital connectivity.

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