The Asia Pacific Region Produces The Most Coal Globally With Over 70%

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The Asia-Pacific region stands out as the predominant global coal producer, contributing to over 70% of the total coal output. This prominence is underscored by the inclusion of some of the largest coal-producing and coal-consuming nations within this expansive geographical area.

Currently, the Asia-Pacific region commands a substantial portion of the global coal capacity and generation, with plans for further expansion in the pipeline. Remarkably, 27 countries in this region collectively hold a majority share, representing more than 70% of the world’s existing coal generation capacity.

Image source: Research Gate

The impetus behind the sustained support for coal in the Asia-Pacific region can be traced to the geopolitical influence wielded by four key nations: China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and India. These countries, historically reliant on coal and significant importers of this resource, are pivotal players shaping the regional energy landscape.

Notably, governmental bodies, government-owned financial institutions, and government-owned utilities in these influential nations are actively backing coal expansion initiatives throughout the region.

Image source: Science

The primary beneficiaries of this robust support are nations situated in South and South-East Asia, including but not limited to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Vietnam. This concerted effort towards coal expansion is a testament to the strategic interests and investments of the influential quartet.

As a striking statistic, the Asia-Pacific region claims the title of the world’s largest consumer of coal, responsible for a staggering 70% of global coal consumption.

Image Source: Treehugger
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